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Please read the first part here… if you haven't read it yet.


'ngh... Wh-where a-am I?'

You felt a warm breath on the nape of your neck.


Slowly opening your eyes, you realized that the sun was about to rise. The light leaked through the curtains and you could make out some objects in the room, a desk, some chairs and.... Wait, is that a closet full of cleaning equipment?

'what the.... This isn't my room!'

Awakening from your daze, you felt more alert and realized you were in his room.

'!!! What the heck am I doing in Heichou's room?!'

You moved suddenly, causing his arms to pull you closer to him. Squealing a bit, you desperately tried to get out of his grip but failed to do so.

"Tch. Stop moving, [f/n]" Heichou mumbled against your neck.

"He-Heichou, I-i-I need to go sir...." You whispered


"Uh.... T-to my room sir... People are going to suspect we did some... Some weird stuff if they find out I'm here with you..."

"Who said we didn't do any weird stuff?"

"Wait... what." Your eyes widened. Somehow, you couldn't remember what happened last night... The last thing you remember was Heichou saying something about revenge..."

"U-um... C-could I go... Sir?" You asked hoping he'd let you go.

"Tch. Fine. Do whatever you want." He loosened his grip and let you go.

Slipping out of the door and the hallways as quietly as you could, you got back to your room without waking anyone up.

Or so you assumed that you didn't wake anyone up.

And you thought no one knew about what happened last night. Heck, even you yourself couldn't seem to remember what happened.

~time skip to morning~

Changing out of the clothes from yesterday, you walked down the hallway and enter the mess hall. You waved to some of your friends who smiled a little-too-broadly at you. Getting your breakfast, you sat down with your friends.

"Hey guys" you casually sat down and decided to start a conversation.

"Hey!" Armin said a little-too-cheerfully.

"Yo what's up?" Connie asked.

"Nothing much." You munched on your bread.

"You sure?" Sasha asked, staring at your food.

"What do you mean?" You were getting more and more suspicious of their actions.

"Oh, didn't something happen last night?" Jean leaned on his elbow.

'everyone is acting so... Strangely today...' you started to think that they knew what happened last night.

"ARGH!!! I CANT HOLD IT IN ANYMORE!!!" Eren yelled out loud next to you.

And from across the hall, someone threw a cloth at his face and told him to calm down.

"Okay guys, just tell me what the fudge happened last night okay? You guys seem to know about it and I just can't remember. And you were all trying a little-too-hard to cover it up. Oh, and Eren, you might want to get that cloth out of your face and sit down." You said bluntly, feeling somewhat pissed off.

"So... Basically, Hanji San told us--" Mikasa started off.

'there we go. Hanji San all over again. I should've known.

"That she heard voices in Heichou's room." She said.

"And then apparently, there was one voice that kept squealing and saying 'Heichou, stop please'." Krista continued.

"After that, there was some muffled moaning coming from the room." Ymir ended.

"Pfft, sorry [f/n] but you guys just sounded like you were doing it." Jean laughed.


A moment of awkward silence followed.

You scrunched up your eyebrows and went deep in thought. If such a thing really did happen, then... How is it possible that you couldn't remember anything?

"Er.... I personally believe that everything you guys just said was just a rumor made by Hanji San." Eren spoke up, trying to defend you.

You felt grateful since your best friend was supporting you.

"U-um... Me too..." Armin whispered. "I mean, it's Hanji San we're talking about. This sounds a bit too unreasonable, besides- I don't think [f/n] would do such a..."

"Oh really now? I saw her come out of Heichou's room this morning." Hanji jumped over to your table and smiled.

'what the heck?! She saw me... Oh crap this is bad.'


Another moment of awkward silence.

Everyone stared at you and you looked really damn pissed right now.

"Hanji, you're not helping here." You stated bluntly and walked out of the mess hall. You just needed a little bit of alone time after all of that humiliation. Well, it might be karma for embarassing Heichou but still... Sighing to yourself, you walked outside the headquarters and wondered around, reaching a tree and leaning against it.

'why can't I remember what happened...' You closed your eyes.


Meow meow~~~

You opened your eyes to see the cat Heichou cares for at your feet.

You smiled a little and crouched down.

"Well, hello there." You patted its head.


'wait what.'

You looked up to see a faint silhouette-like figure of....

"Petra?" Your eyes widened. You stood up and reached out for her, but your hand went right through.

"Oh, [f/n] chan, you can see me?" She tilted her head to one side.

"Ye-yeah... I can hear you too...." You felt the tears threatening to pour out. Petra was your first friend when you joined the scouting legion and she died just shortly after you became close to her.

"Don't cry dear," she put her hand on your shoulder.

Unable to hold it in, you let the tears fall freely down your cheeks. Placing your hand on your own shoulder, which was actually on her hand, you sobbed.

"So... You seem to be troubled by the events that happened last night." She looked at you.

"You know?" You looked up with your tear stained face.

"Yes, I know. And don't worry, Hanji exaggerated what happened." She smiled encouragingly.

"I see... That's a relief. " you smiled back at her and wished she was really there. Petra was very good at comforting you in the toughest situations.

"Cadet [f/n]!" A voice called out from a few meters away.

"You're on stable duty today with Jäger, have you forgotten?" Heichou said and he looked beside you.

"... Petra." He looked pretty shocked.

"Heichou." She said.

"[f/n] she..." It seemed like he could only see her and not hear her.

"[f/n], Heichou cares about you very much, I can tell from his eyes. And so do you. You love him. Embarassing each other isn't going to get anywhere. So please, gather up the courage to tell him that you love him, please don't end up like me." She smiled weakly and slowly faded away.

"Petra!!" You shouted out for her but she disappeared.

"What did she say." Heichou looked at you with somewhat sad eyes.

"S-she..." You stared to cry again. "She loved you Heichou... But she couldn't tell you that she did... And she told me to say that I love you before..."


"B-before I... End up dying...." You covered your mouth and sank down on your knees feeling guilty that you couldn't do anything so save her or the others that time.

Suddenly, Levi hugged you and told you to stop crying.

"I'm not planning to loose any of my soldiers anymore. Especially you. That kiss yesterday, I've been wanting to do that for a long time now. It was also for revenge but that's not the point. [f/n], I love you."

Nodding into his chest, you hugged him tightly and he did the same.

"A-and sir?"


"What exactly happened last night?"

"I... I told you that I loved you, and... Kissed you." He said honestly.

"O-okay.... I'm sorry I couldn't remember..." You felt really guilty.

"It's fine. You fainted shortly after though..."

"I did?"

"You did. And... I'll see you in my office tonight after dinner."

Because you probably had lack of oxygen from my kisses Levi thought.

~time skip to stable duty~

As you scrubbed the horses, Eren came back with buckets of water and cleaning supplies.

"Whew, it's hot today. You almost done [f/n]?" He looked at you.


"Alright then." He decided to take his shirt off and hung it over a tree branch.

Trying so hard not to stare you thought
'Eren, I have concluded that you do want people to see your smexy body. This time I'm not declining the fact that you have a smexy build.'

You washed the stables and horses, ocasionally looking at him when he was looking somewhere else and you kept thinking how the clumsy Eren became such a manly person.

~time skip to dinner~

"Yeah, Hanji was exaggerating okay guys? Geez" you told them that Hanji was just making rumors.

You finally got everyone to agree with you and you felt really relieved.

"It would've been pretty intense though... If that was real." Connie added.

"Yeah, with Heichou being so rough and all..." Reiner awkwardly added.

"Oi," you shot them death glares and they shut up.

You decided to lighten up the mood.

"Oh hey, so Eren, do you want people to see your body? You always seem to be taking off your top all the time." You jokingly said.

Eren blushed immediately and stuttered out "n-no!"

Ohhh, now I've managed to embarrass my bestie huh.

"Wow! You strip?!" Connie asked.

"I'm sure he doesn't have six packs though, considering how thin he is." Jean snorted.


"WHAT JÄGER?!" Jean stood up as well.

Mikasa slapped then both simultaneously and made them sit down.
"Not during dinner time." She added.

You smiled at Mikasa, and she smiled back.

What fun it is to be with your friends.

~time skip to after dinner~

"Heichou?" You knocked on the door.

"Come in."

You walked in and saluted him. He nodded and motioned you to sit at a desk with a pile of paperwork on it.

"You're going to be doing some paperwork." He stated.

"What... Now?" You asked.


Internally groaning, you picked up the pen and started writing.

'this is going to be a long night.'

~time skip to like... 5 hours later?~

You felt your eyes closing half way, and you struggled to keep yourself awake. Heichou wasn't there so you decided to just put your pen down and sleep.

Levi's POV:

As I came back to my room, I saw her head on her arm on the desk. Maybe I pushed her too much.

I go over to you and pick you up bridal style and place you on my bed. Pulling the blanket over you, I kissed your forehead.

Your POV:

You felt something warm against your forehead but you couldn't seem to open your eyes. You snuggled into the blanket and slept peacefully.

You couldn't help but think that those warm lips belonged to Heichou all night long.



"Wake up." Heichou stood right over you.

"Huh...?" You sat up straight.

"You still have to do the paperwork from yesterday."

"Great." You walked over to the desk and plonked down into your seat.

"Here." He handed you a cup of tea and some bread.

"T-thank you Heichou." You took the tea and bread.

You smiled at the faint scent of the tea, reminding you of what his lips tasted like.

It's done, but I think it was a bit too random, somehow doesn't link to the original story.
I had too many ideas and I tried to cram them into this. It doesn't work well ^^"
orz this is why I don't really write a series

So in this story, we get a lot of confusion, awkward silence moments and some emotional parts. Then shortly after some Eren fanservice I had to throw in there. At the beginning, I also added a hint of some implied lemon which I completely failed and fell flat on my face. I can't write lemons! I shall leave it up to your imaginations reader San. 

Requested by
:iconkoukousha:who wanted a sequel to this and 
:iconultimateotakunerd: who wanted a lemon but sorry I couldn't =_=

The characters from Shingeki no Kyojin belong to Isayama Hajime sensei.
So I guess by now, Levi clearly owns you... :iconrivailleplz:

I hope you enjoyed it ~
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