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May 13


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Before we start, I shall tell you guys that im going to be part of this story, purely because I thought no one else from the series could fit the character I'm going to be like. I'm also going to be your friend here :)

So, enjoy~


"Look at those muscles."

"His well-toned body."

"His abs."

"The sweat on his-"

"Cella can you not?!" You suddenly shouted out when everyone was on stable duty.

Everyone stared at you and Cella, and cella just smiled. Everyone went back to work, ignoring you two.

"What? I know you have this mega huge crush on Eren. And I know you loveto see him everyday at the stables don't you [f/n]?" Cella said it right out.

"N-n-no!!! W-why would you think s-so! Me? Eren? Wh-who said anyt-thing about me l-loving to s-see his b-b-body!!" You blushed madly at the fact that it was true...

"Oh? I didn't say anything about his body. Oh [f/n] I see... You like to see him on stable duty since he almost always has his shirt off." Cella smiled widely, smacking your back a little.

"N-n-no I don't!!" You were desperately trying to deny it.

"Well then, how do you explain that huge blush on your face. Seriously [f/n], your face is as red as a tomato." Your bestie chuckled.

"I-I...." You were at a loss for words.

"Come on [f/n], man up and go tell him that you love him. Or else you might live your whole life without telling him about your feelings." Cella started playing with your hair.

"B-but... I-I can't..." You looked down to your feet. Being scared of getting rejected, you played with your fingers.

"Yes you can. [f/n], you have no problems with killing titans but have problems with just saying I love you to your crush? Geez, you can do it. I know you can. Right, you're going to tell him that you love him. Now go! " ^^ Cella gave you a light push towards him and you stumbled forward.

"W-wwwahhhhh!!!!" You cried out loud as you fell forward and you couldn't stop yourself since it was a downhill...

"Oufff..." You expected to fall flat on your face on the ground, but instead, you landed into a pair of strong arms.

Looking up, you see Eren staring down at you with his magnificent teal green eyes that sparkled under the sun.

Blushing madly once again, you stuttered out

"U-uh h-hi Eren... I-i mean, um.... S-sorry for l-landing on y-you!" You stood up quickly and apologized to him.

"Oh no, it's okay. Besides, are you hurt anywhere?" He asked.

"N-no... I don't t-think so...." You looked at your arms and realized that the right arm had a deep cut from your wrist all the way up to your elbow.

Seeing this, Eren took your arm and looked at it. He dragged you to a well nearby and washed the cut gently.

"U-uh.... E-Eren, you d-don't have to do this.... I c-can do it myself..." You tried to stop him, but he still continued.

"No, let me treat your wounds. I should have caught you properly. I'm sorry." He looked somewhat angry with himself.

"N-no! I-it's my fault for stumbling down like that!! You could've gotten hurt... I-I wouldn't want that to happen to y-you Eren....." You looked away, blushing madly once again.

He ripped his sleeve and started to wrap the cloth around your arm. Pulling your arm closer to him, you were really close to his exposed body.

"There... Does it hurt anywhere?" He asked you.

"N-no... T-thank you so much Eren."

What he did next was completely unpredictable.

He hugged you, pressing your head into his bare chest, and squeezed you tightly.

"You're welcome [f/n]... You know, I always thought you looked really cute, but with that blush of yours, you look even cuter..." He looked down at you.

"E-Eren?" You blushed even more (if that's possible).

Suddenly, he pushed you down to the ground, making you unable to escape from his grip.

"And you don't seem to blush so much around other people..." He continued.

"Do you like me?" He ended.

Having a mini heart attack, you nodded meekly.

'oh god... Why isn't anyone here anyways?!'

What he asked you next completely blew your ovar- mind.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" He smirked.

'what the heck?!'

Blinking a few times while blushing a lot you were unable to respond.

He leaned into you ear and whispered

"tell me I'm smexy."

With that, got off, winked at you and he walked saying

"I'll show you more if you want me to"

~time skip to dinner time~

At the mess hall, you saw your friends and sat next to cella.

"So, how did it go?" Cella asked you.

"Really crazy." You responded, remembering what he told you.

Making eye contact with Eren who was sitting opposite you, you told him.

"Y-you know E-Eren...."

He looked up and smiled.

"I think...." You took a deep breath in. "I think you're really sexy." You blurted out.


You swore you saw him smirk a little.

Everyone stared at you.

"Are you okay [f/n]?" Armin asked.

"Let's check your temperature..." Mikasa stood up and put her hand to your forehead. "Hmm... Nothing wrong here...."

"Did she just call jäger sexy?" Jean snorted.

"Holy shi* [f/n]! What happened to you?!" Connie exclaimed.

"I just... Uhm.... I-" you struggled to find your words again and Eren stood up.

He took your hand and went out of the mess hall.

"Um... Eren? W-where are we go-going?" You asked.

"My room of course." He looked back at you.

"E-eh...?" Feeling confused, you followed him in silence.

He made you sit down on his bed and he started to take his shirt off again.

"E-Eren? What are you...." You huddled up into the corner of the bed.

"Didn't I say I'll show you more...? You're the only one that will ever see me like this." He leaned forward and kissed you. "I love you [f/n]. I was really happy to hear that you do too." He smiled.

"Er... Eren? I..." You blushed and put your fingers onto your lips.

"That was just a warm up. Here's the real deal..."

I seriously need to stop having idea sparks. 

What at the heck did I just write.... =_="

So in this story, you're quite shy and there's a lot of blushing going on.... And the last line was quite suggestive I'll leave that up to your imaginations 

I have this headcannon where Eren likes to rip his shirt off in front of reader chan. Don't know whether it's just me or not :/

but, I hope you enjoyed because I enjoyed writing this xD

Characters from shingeki no kyojin belong to Isayama Hajime sensei.
Story - cellesticca
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